Your Hero’s Journey


Your Hero’s Journey to Become Your Best Self

The hero’s journey was brought to light by Joeseph Campbell. It is a narrative pattern that is found throughout all cultures and myths. Outside of storytelling and mythology, it is found within each of us. It follows the journey of a hero who embarks on a quest, faces trials and tribulations, and ultimately returns as a transformed person. The journey typically consists of the following steps: the call to adventure, which we often ignore at first, maybe even several times, the departure and meeting with a guide, the trials and challenges, the enlightenment, and the return home.

The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek.

~Joseph Campbell


Begin with the end in mind. We check in with ancient wisdom & modern science and begin to craft the vision for your best self.

When we look at modern science and ancient philosophy there are specific themes that begin to make themselves clear and align with one another. In this class, we will look at how the source of our anxiety, depression, and disillusionment can derive from us not living in alignment with our values and not fully expressing who we are capable of being. We will take a hard look at how you are currently showing up in your life and begin creating a vision for how you want to show up. From there, we will begin to close that gap.


Confidence means having intense trust. Learn it and embody it.

Most of us are familiar with the term resilient. It is even something we might desire to have as a quality. What most people don’t realize is that there is even a step up from resiliency and that is becoming Antifragile. This is a state of exponential growth. Where every obstacle and challenge we face makes us stronger in the end. Here is the maybe not-so-obvious fact about becoming antifragile. It is not easy and it is not supposed to be easy. Life is not supposed to be easy.


We move from theory to practice by operationalizing the virtues and habits we aspire to have.

In order to start closing the gap between who you are and who you are capable of being, first you need to take aim at who that person is. How do they act? What habits and routines do they have? More importantly, what are they NOT doing? In our work together, we will begin crafting that vision and identifying the habits and routines of your best self. To keep things simple, we will focus on three life categories: Energy, Work, and Love.


Construct your ideal day to optimize your Energy, Work, Love

How do you create a masterpiece life? You string together as many masterpiece days as possible. When you slip, and you will slip, it is about how quickly you can regain your equilibrium. In this session, we will take a stab at what your perfect day looks like. Then, we will rub it up against the constraints of reality. Here we will identify the parts of your day you have the most control over and insert the behaviors and habits that lead you to show up at your best more consistently.


Learn to put discipline on autopilot through structural, reactive, and expansive discipline.

Willpower out predicts IQ in academic performance by a factor of two. Learning self-mastery, i.e. discipline, by installing those habits which most greatly serve us and, more importantly, deleting those habits that no longer do is how we can put our willpower on autopilot. This is Structural disciple and it is our protocols and our environment. Reactive discipline is when we are able to step into the gap between a stimulus and response and choose the best action to move us into forward motion. That ability to move forward is our Expansive discipline. We are regularly presented with opportunities to step forward into growth or backward into comfort. Choosing to move into growth is where our infinite potential lies.


Master your energy to master your life

Do you want to know how tall a building is going to be? Look to see how deep its foundations are. To consistently show up as the best versions of ourselves, we have to begin mastering the fundamentals: Eating, Moving, Breathing, Sleeping, & Focusing. Here we will look at each fundamental and discover the biggest levers for you to pull on to start making the changes you want to see in your life. We will continue the theme of identifying your #1 Start and #1 Stop. All the while, remembering that we are taking this one step at a time.


Make your best your new baseline

There is no THE way. There is only YOUR way. We will have covered a lot of ground by the time we are done. You will have realized one thing. There is a lot of work to do. Welcome to the rest of your life. The difference now is that you will be armed with the tools to help you meet life’s challenges head-on and have the antifragile confidence to know that no matter the outcome you will be better. Now, the only choice you will have to make is to decide to show up at your best from moment to moment to moment.

Are you ready to answer the call?