Ryan’s depth of knowledge and expertise is impressive. This class opened my eyes to the power of breathing and the difference it can make when done correctly. Not only does he give a captivating class, but it contains specific, detailed, step-by-step guidance to dramatically improve one’s breathing efficiency, wellness, and performance.

I had no idea of the intricacies and chemical reactions involved in breathing. Through Ryan’s information and instruction, I’ve increased my deep sleep and kept it consistent even on a short night. It has given me a way to deal with my insomnia that a pill never could.

Ryan’s class was an eye opener. The scientific fact that something as simple as nose-breathing is so crucial to our lifespan and overall health is shocking (in a good way). The breathing exercises are fun, easy, and transformative. I highly recommend Ryan’s classes and coaching services to anyone who wants to improve their health, sleep, and well-being.