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Hi, I’m Ryan, and welcome to Be Rad.

I’m a Holistic Lifestyle & Breathwork Coach passionate about helping individuals regain agency over their health and well-being. My mission is to learn, grow, teach, and inspire others to do the same for their physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health.

For a long time, I felt incomplete, lacking purpose. Now, I’m in alignment with what I want to bring to the world. I have a vision for how I want to show up. It all began with taking care of my physical body. Do I still have bad days? Of course. Alcoholism and depression run deep in my family tree. Allowing and accepting that truth helps me to stand guard. Those bad days are just not as bad or as frequent anymore now that I have the tools to navigate them. Sometimes the best tool is to accept and allow yourself to fully feel. I hope to inspire others to do the same.

It started with understanding the power of the breath and practicing the Wim Hoff Method for nearly a decade. Eventually, I found my way to the work of Patrick McKeown and chose to become a certified Advanced Oxygen Advantage Instructor. This was only the start for me. As I learned more about the body and mind I understood that a holistic approach was crucial to reaching my full potential. Which, by the way, I am far from, but now I know how to get there and I want to help others do the same. Ultimately, I found my way to Brian Johnson and his entire team over at Heroic. When I began studying him and learned about his approach I was hooked. He has taken all the best from information from Ancient Wisdom traditions + Modern Science and distilled it into a program to help others lead a life of flourishing. Seriously, the company goal is to have half of humanity flourishing by 2051!! Now, I am a Certified Heroic Performance Coach as well.

As a Certified Heroic Performace Coach, Oxygen Advantage® Advanced Instructor, and XPT Performance Breathing Coach my goal is to help you along YOUR journey to better health and leave you with the tools to do it on your own.

Your only power in life is to inspire other people and the only way you can inspire them is by living the most genuine and authentic life to yourself as possible.

~Naval Ravikant

Mission Statement

I believe everyone has the right to live a healthy and fulfilling life. My mission is to empower and support clients in creating lasting lifestyle changes to help them show up at their best, handle life’s challenges, and tap into their infinite potential. The solution is simple, but not easy. It starts with caring for the physical body by focusing on the fundamentals—eating and hydrating, moving, breathing, and sleeping. By crafting a vision for who we want to be and identifying the habits that person embodies, we begin the process of radical transformation through small and consistent changes.

What does it mean to Be Rad?

Being rad refers to the pursuit of creating lasting and meaningful change in one’s life. This involves three key components: finding the root cause, making fundamental changes, and having fun in the process. The focus is on personal accountability and being responsible for one’s own health. It is important to find balance and have fun while making these changes, being playful and present in each moment. “Being rad” is a reminder to not take everything so seriously and to enjoy life.

It is also short for radical which has several definitions that align perfectly with what it means to create a radical change in your life.

1. Arising from or going to a root or source; basic.

Most of us today are not familiar with this original definition. Often, to make lasting and meaningful changes in our lives we need to go back to the root cause of the behaviors we want to change. This is a place where inner child work, shadow work, or many other modalities can be very helpful. This is a place I am spending a lot of my time right now. It is hard work. But guess what, it is not supposed to be easy and we are never exonerated. The sooner one makes peace with that the sooner we are ready to put in the hard work.

2. Departing markedly from the usual or customary; extreme or drastic. Relating to or advocating fundamental or revolutionary changes in current practices, conditions, or institutions.

Departing from the usual or customary and advocating for revolutionary changes in current practices, conditions, or institutions is a key component of being rad. It means not blindly following what others are doing, but instead taking personal responsibility for one’s health and well-being. This focus on self leads to a ripple effect that extends out into the world.

Finally, remember to have fun. For those of you not a child of the 80s/90s here is a quick definition courtesy of the Urbane Dictionary.

3. When awesome or cool just isn’t enough to describe something.

It is a reminder to have and be playful. Life is short and showing up at your best means that you are able to appreciate each moment. “Now is not forever”, is one of my favorite mantras. I wish I knew who to contribute it to but really it is a twist on the Sufi wisdom of, “This too shall pass.” In good times, it’s a reminder to put the F’in phone away and be here now. Soak up those moments with intense presence and don’t take everything so seriously. When things seem darkest, it tells me that I will come out the other side, even when it seems impossible to get out from underneath the crushing weight of something.

Being rad is about creating lasting change in one’s life by finding the root cause, making fundamental changes, and having fun in the process. It is a holistic approach that emphasizes self-responsibility and a balance between hard work and playfulness.

It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society.

~ Jiddu Krishnamurti

So, how do you create radical change in your life?

You start by answering the call and you begin with the end in mind. How is it that you want to be remembered when you leave this word? What is it that you would like those you care most about to say at your funeral? It is a hard question to answer but creating radical change is not supposed to be easy. The good news is, if you are still breathing then there is still time to close the gap between who you are and who you are capable of being.

There is no THE way. This is my way. What is YOURS?

Brian Johnson

What do people have to say?

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